The Driver Education Program is a requirement for all new Maryland drivers, regardless of age. This program prepares drivers to obtain their driver's license by completing 30-hr class instruction and 6-hr in-car lessons.

Complete Driver's Ed in 3 Easy Steps:

STEP 1 - Classroom Instruction $199

$100 Deposit to Start | Balance Due Last Day | Minimum Age 15
(class consists of 10 days, 3 hours each day, most classes are online)
  • Permit: NOT REQUIRED to take the class, but you will need it for driving lessons.
  • Online Class: Connect via Zoom with desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone.
  • Class Link: A few days before class students will be emailed the class link.
  • Mandatory: Students MUST attend Day 1, students are visible in the camera the entire class & participates.
  • Day 1: Parent Orientation - Parent attendance highly RECOMMENDED for students under 18. Parents will learn about our policies, roles & responsibilities, and gain insight on how to instruct their new driver on the road.
  • Day 9: Balance Due.
  • Day 10: Final Exam is administered (must pass with a minimum of 80% to move onto STEP 2, behind-the-wheel lessons).
  • Payment Plan: (pay-as-you-go), pay with a deposit to start class, pay on the balance however you want as long as the full balance is paid by Day 9, or pay in full, which ever works for you.
  • Register: Click the "Register" button to view the schedule and to make your payment online with debit or credit card, NO cash, NO checks, NO money orders.

STEP 2 - Behind-the-Wheel Lessons $75 each

3 Lessons Required | PERMIT REQUIRED
(for current students who completed their classroom instruction with us)
  • When Can I Schedule: any time after the student has passed the classroom final exam.
  • # of Lessons Required: (3) two-hour lessons.
  • Mandatory: a valid learner's permit, passed classroom final exam, and has NO remaining balance .
  • How to Schedule Lessons (full package): self-schedule through the student account
  • How to Schedule Lessons (payment plan option): call or email the office to coordinate your availability with open slots (410-902-9998,
  • How to Pay for Lessons: After your lessons dates are choosen the fee will be added to your account. You can then log into your student account and pay with debit or credit card.
  • Cancel/Reschedule: Must be done thru the student account for immediate update to our calendar & to avoid late cancellation fee.
  • Lesson 3: Final Exam is administered (must pass with a minimum of 80%).
  • Additional Lessons, Private Lessons, or Transfer Students: Visit the Private Lesson page for details and cost.

STEP 3 - Pass Final Exams | Done!

(completion will be sent electronically to MVA)
  • How do I pass Driver's Ed: Must Pass the final for BOTH Classroom Instruction & Behind-the-Wheel Lessons with a minimum of 80%.
  • Electronic Submission to MVA: The driving school will submit your completion electronically to the MVA within 24 hours of your last lesson. You will NOT need to bring any proof of completion to your driving test.
  • When can I schedule my Driver's Skills Test: Wait 3 business days after your last lesson to ensure the submission has updated to the MVA system.
    Click here to check if you qualify to take the driver's skills test.


This registration includes 30-hr class & 6-hr in-car lessons.

Note: if there are no class listings, classes are either all full or not available.
Check the schedule later or click pay-as-you-go option.


This registration includes 30-hr class ONLY.

Upon class completion, pay for 6-hr in-car lessons separetely.

Note: if there are no class listings, classes are either all full or not available.
Check the schedule later or click on full package option.

Advance Drive Now offers online drivers ed classes
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