Rental for MVA Driving Test

5425 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215
Must have own transportation to and from the MVA

Rental Fee: $150

Payment is due the day of the driving test

Do you need a reliable vehicle to take your driving test with? Perhaps your car is too large or has mechanical issues. Our vehicles meet all of MVA's safety requirements.

Rent from us today!


Reserve a Rental in 3 Easy Steps:

Step one

Click Register to Choose a Date

Click Here to view the MVA driving test dates. Make sure the rental date/time matches the driving test date/time.

Step one

Complete Registration Form

Step one

Pay on Driving Test Day

Payment made with credit card when you arrive at the MVA

Must have your own transportation to and from the MVA.


Which MVA location can I use the rental?

Currently, we ONLY serve the Baltimore City MVA Branch located at 5424 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215 (behind Hilltop Shopping Center).

How do I register for a rental?

  • Click the REGISTER button on this page
  • Choose a date that matches the date and time of your driving test
  • Complete registration form

How do I schedule my driving test with the MVA?

Your driving test must be scheduled through the MVA website at, “select make an appointment.”

How & when do I make my payment?

  • Payment is due the day of the driving test, when you meet our staff at the MVA Do Not Pay Before Then!
  • Payment will be made through your student account via credit card.
  • Once payment is made in full the staff person will proceed with the driving test process
  • If payment is not made in full the rental reservation will be canceled & entered as a late cancellation.

What happens when I get to the MVA the day of my driving test?

First, go inside the MVA and one of our staff will meet the test-taker inside the MVA branch by the front door. Payment is due at that time with a credit card thru your student account.

Then you will check-in for your appointment and turn in your required documents.

How do I check-in for my driving test appointment?

To check-in for your appointment, pull up your driving test reminder email from the MVA on your cell phone and click the link to check-in for your test, this will generate an alpha-numeric #. Have a seat and wait for the # to show up on the monitor to be served and to turn in documents.

Who will be my chaperone for the test?

Our staff must serve as the chaperone for the driving test.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

  • Test-takers appling for a provisional license will need to bring the following: valid permit, driving practice hours log, and signed certification page.
  • Other test-takers must bring the documents requested by the MVA.

What documents will the driving school staff bring?

Our staff will provide the car registration, insurance card, and their license.

Can I get picked up for the driving test?

No, the test-taker will need their own transportation to and from the MVA branch.

What if I have to cancel?

Your rental appointment must be canceled 24 hours before your appointment through your student account by going to the home page of your account, under “upcoming schedule” click “change” button, click cancel.

Late cancellation fee

A $50 late cancellation fee will be added to your account if:

  • You do not cancel with a 24-hour notice
  • You don’t make your rental payment in full the day of your test
  • You don’t show up at all
  • The test has to be canceled for any reason that is not the fault of Advance Drive Now If you reschedule the rental, the late fee must be paid before your next rental date.

Cancel At-Will

We reserve the right to cancel a rental at any time if our staff deem the customer unfit to drive, displays inappropriate behavior, does not make payment in full, or anything that would make our staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It is at our staff’s discretion to cancel and if rental has been paid in full and refund will be issued within 3 business days, minus a $50 late cancellation fee. Refunds may take up to 3-5 business days to process back to your account.


If a rental has been paid in-full and a refund is warranted, the refund will be issued within 3 business day, minus a $50 late cancellation fee if it takes place without a 24 hour notice. If the refund is being issue due to a fault of Advance Drive Now, the refund will be issued in-full. Refunds may take up to 3-5 business days to process back to your account.

Advance Drive Now student passed the driver's license test
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